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LuminArté Gallery, conveniently located in the Dallas Design District, showcases contemporary award-winning artists, as well as bright emerging talent. Representing over fifty artists from more than two dozen countries, LuminArté continues to embrace the local art community by showcasing regional artists, hosting an artist in residence program, and by providing workshops and continuing education opportunities.  In addition, the gallery provides art placement and interior design consultation, presenting collectors, designers and corporate clients with a diverse array of artwork in a variety of media, styles and techniques.



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LuminArté Presents

Gallery Artists

December 6th - January 17th 2015

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Showcasing numerous artists: Keiko Gonzalez, Fabricio Lara, Joe Vaux, France Garrido, Alex Zapata, Lara Campiglia, Ray Ferrer, Patricia Rodriguez, Elizabeth Schowachert, Morgan Addie Grasham, Elisabeth Schalij, Trent Mann, Cathy Shepherd,Jessica Manheim, Ben Britt, John Milton, Joseph Haubert,Laura Anzak Strike, Jim Lively, Rick Timmons, Melissa Stinson Ellis, Jeff McClung, Barbara Elam, Tom Karges, Brad Albright, Leanne Venier, Adina Cicort, Barbara Booth, Eric Hanson, Waleed Arshad, Michael Broussard, Julia Pappas, Jared Lee, Ekaterina Kouznetsova, Sergei Rodionov, Paul Pena, Daniela Rangel Matchael, Roberta Masciarelli, Jonathan Davis, Jean-Paul Khabbaz, Jessica Medina Chaix, Luis Fernando Camacho, Judith Seay, Lauren Stout, and Matt Anzak.

LuminArté Presents
Feral Majesty in “Wildfire”

December 20th
Reception from 6-10PM and Performance at 8:00PM

"Feral Majesty" the avante garde perforamnce troupe presents "Wildfire"; a short benefit performance to raise funds and awareness for the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary based out of Montgomery, TX.  The event will be held at Luminarte Fine Art Gallery December 20th, 2014, with an open art reception from 6:00 - 10:00 pm and performance beginning at 8:00 pm.  Admission will be free however please consider a donation of any amount to the cause (preferably sealed); all proceeds will be distributed directly to the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary in hopes to expand the rescued wolves habitats


Feral Majesty at its core is in essence a wolf pack which organically formed in the spring of 2014 under the direction of Alpha Lauren Stout. Pack performers include Misty-Lynn Nicolson, Corrie Jorns, Svetlana Anzak and Alyssa Paine, with each wolf bringing her own strength and contribution to the pack.  Each performance is an original piece created from the packs movement inspired by the music. “Art, in all its forms, is Feral Majesty's passion.”


St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary is the only local wolf sanctuary in Texas. The sanctuary is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity run by volunteers and created to provide a permanent home for non-releasable wolves and wolfdogs to live out the rest of their natural lives safely and comfortably with loving care and attention. These animals have suffered much and deserve a stable and loving home. St. Francis is also committed to educating the public about wolves and about the complexities of wolfdog ownership. Monetary donations are crucial as the sanctuary is funded almost entirely by private donations.


No Body, No Evidence, Right?
Abstract Art

January 24th - March 7th 2015






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